What More Can I Ask of this Year?!

What More Can I Ask of this Year?!

Graciousness and Gratitude both begin with a G, just like Give and Gift. Not to mention Generosity, one of my very favourite words.
All of these words beginning with G describe an amazing year, full of changes and challenges that thanks to you (Gracias!) have been possible.
I want to share with you the Gifts that – in the form of testimonials – my coaches and participants in my workshops and conferences have given me upon completing some of the “SaberPedir” programs; programs such as: “How to Fundraise”, for nonprofit organizations; “Persuasive Communication”, for entrepreneurs and freelancers; and “How to Land your Ideal Job”, for students and for people who are reinventing themselves professionally…

Kudos to Silvia for creating an event at our School that was dynamic and practical.”
The session was completely participatory and interactive. The methodology was so powerful that in just two hours participants were both impacted and empowered.”
I loved how you convinced us of how exciting it is to ask. You turned a really challenging concept into the adventure of our lives.”

What these testimonials reveal is that asking begins with giving and serving others, and in order to do so you need to build a relationship of trust, and “dance” with your clients, donors, employees or investors, while consistently seeking to identify shared needs that can become the catalyst for co-creating win-win solutions. Being authentic and accepting yourself are key ingredients to recovering and moving on when the answer is “No”, while being aware of your own reactions and impact.



Of course, I want to express my gratitude to all of the clients, schools, universities, nonprofits, coaches and companies who have placed their trust in me, and my inspiring colleagues who have supported me and given me the wings to fly. The faces you see in the photos testify to the magic of this year.

It has been a year of transformation and “reinvention” that has enabled me to show up as I am and learn from you, experiencing magical moments outside of my comfort zone.
What will you ask of 2017? Let me remind you that it’s your choice. It’s up to you to decide and shout your wishes out loud, shining a spotlight on your relationships and your authenticity.
Happy Holidays and Best Wishes for 2017

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Silvia Bueso

Soy conferenciante, formadora y coach, experta en ‘El arte de pedir’. Te enseño a pedir y conseguir tus objetivos, sin tener que pedir. Despierto la magia de pedirólogos en potencia con mis artículos, talleres y conferencias.

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