How to Rise to Challenges Successfully

How to Rise to Challenges Successfully

It’s common at this time of year to set new challenges for ourselves, with the goal of leaving behind what we don’t want –  or what hasn’t worked – and heading into the coming months with renewed strategies for achieving what we want.

Setting goals and challenges, or drawing up a wish list, is fairly simple in itself. The wish list may be long, including anything from going on a diet to spending more time with the family, signing up at a gym, or rekindling our relationship with childhood friends. Whatever the wish is, what’s important is to fulfil it so it doesn’t become just empty words. Making our dreams come true means identifying the objectives we want to accomplish, and above all, determining the strategies that, if carried out step by step, will get us closer to where we want to be.

A question we should ask ourselves before making a resolution is:  what are we trying to get from this particular wish? In other words, what is our objective, and what real possibilities do we have of accomplishing it? It’s important to set achievable goals that give us a feeling of satisfaction and fulfilment.  Setting objectives that can’t be met will only beget frustration and a sense of failure that can affect our self-esteem and our desire to make our lives better.

Based on my experience as a fundraiser and expert coach in “Pedir para Conseguir” (“Ask and Get What You Want”), I would highlight 12 key points. If you keep them in mind you’ll have a greater likelihood of achieving your goals and making your most cherished dreams come true:

  1. Think first. Take time to decide which objectives to set for yourself. Haste makes waste. Go over what has worked for you and what hasn’t in previous years, and draw your own conclusions.
  2. Clear as a bell. It’s essential to start with clear ideas and specific objectives. Doing so keeps us focused on what we want to achieve.
  3. Where there’s a will there’s a waySet realistic objectives. It’s pointless to decide that you’re going to play tennis every day when you haven’t been on a court in the last 10 years. One option would be to start with a more modest number, increasing the frequency as you meet your initial challenge.
  4. I love myself. When our self-esteem is high, we can accomplish anything. Everything is possible and achievable when you’re being who you want to be, and being authentic.
  5. Be happy. Happiness is powerful medicine when it comes to achieving your dreams. When we project it others feel it, further helping us meet our milestones.  
  6. Fail and learn. There’s much to be learned from our mistakes. They are a key ally to know which direction to take in future situations.
  7. Nose to the grindstone. To achieve your objectives you have to be willing to work hard and diligently.
  8. Congratulate yourself. Each success, no matter how large or small, is a reason for big celebration. It will help you recharge your batteries and rise to the challenges yet to come.
  9. Checklist. It’s worthwhile to frequently review your progress, as well as the time and effort it’s taken to get to where you are.
  10. Persistence pays. Being persistent and resolute will bring you that much closer to achieving your objectives, with the determination and energy that each occasion requires.
  11. Your scriptwriter. When faced with ambitious challenges you’ll most likely go through a range of emotions, anywhere from excitement to discouragement. Be aware of your emotions and listen to your inner dialogues. On difficult days it will help if your inner scriptwriter is rooting for you, connecting you with who you are.
  12. One step at a time. Drawing up a plan, with actions to undertake, will help you chart your course. Stick to your plan, and experience the satisfaction of accomplishing your goals.

Following these 12 key steps will kickstart your new, better life, aligned with your goals and your values!

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