4 Easy-to-Accomplish Resolutions

4 Easy-to-Accomplish Resolutions

We all dream, and it’s fun to dream big. What are your dreams? Write them down on a piece of paper and read them over as many times as you want, to really make them yours.

We all set big goals for ourselves, to give more meaning to our lives. I wonder: do we actually achieve those big goals, or do we abandon them along the way? If you’re one of those people who leave their goals half-finished, or never even start them, I can imagine you feel frustrated, tired and fed up. What would it be like to set resolutions for yourself that are easy to achieve? What would it be like to celebrate each time you accomplished one of those easy-to-achieve resolutions? How would you feel? I suggest you put pen to paper and make a commitment to yourself to achieve the 4 easy resolutions listed below.

The good news is that all of them will help make a difference. They are small actions that can awaken new desires and prompt you to make new changes, or simply reconfirm that you’re already in charge of your life.


1. Look Fear in the Face

Think of something you’ve been always been afraid of doing. There’s nothing like looking fear in the face and achieving precisely whatever that thing is. You can begin by overcoming smaller fears, and as you get past them, start tackling bigger fears. I invite you to write down 4 situations, moments or circumstances that scare you and think about what you’re going to do to overcome those fears. The other day a friend confessed to me that one of her fears was to go to the movies on her own. Each time she thought about the possibility she felt paralysed, and could never bring herself to go. She set herself the challenge of finally doing it, and on January 1st she went on her own to the movie theatre.

2. Ask for help

Asking for help can be a huge challenge. We think we’re already perfect, and on top of that, we often see asking for help as a sign of weaknesses. For some people, asking for help means putting our vulnerability and shortcomings on display. Well, let’s turn that around. Do you like being asked for help? Helping others is a gift. We all like to help, and we appreciate being asked to help. Being of assistance to others makes us feel useful and acknowledged. So what are you waiting for? Think of 4 situations – at work, at home or with your friends – in which you’ll ask someone for help.

I know someone who was having problems with one of his teenage daughters and had been trying to cope with it on his own. He decided to ask for help and spoke about the situation with some friends to get their ideas on what he might do. My friend told me he felt freedom at being able to share his problem, and that it was also stimulating for the relationship with his friends, which was strengthened by having an intimate conversation together.

3.Say no

If you’re one of those people who has difficulty saying no, then this is your top resolution. It applies to any setting – at work, with family or with friends – and in any circumstances in which you happen to find yourself. I invite you to say no, and then listen to your mind and body to see how you react, mainly as a way of learning about yourself and others. When you say no, you decide what’s important for you and what isn’t. You come first.

4.Say thank you and acknowledge others

Expressing gratitude and acknowledgement recharges our batteries; it’s a way of showing love toward ourselves and others. Practice it every day. I invite you, every time someone in your circle does something that deserves acknowledgement or gratitude, to let them know it. There are different ways to do so, through words, gestures, a hug, a kiss, a caress. Use your creativity to thank and acknowledge others. You’ll be surprised by the impact of this new resolution of yours.

Have fun carrying out each of your resolutions. Remember, they’re easy to do. It all depends on you, and I’m convinced you’ll be surprised by everything you’ll discover in this new year. So… go for it!

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